Issue 179 - 9th October - 22nd October 1985

In This issue You Will Find:


Front Cover - Pete Burns (Dead Or Alive) and

Morrissey (The Smiths)

3rd Page Poster - Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran)

Page 31 Poster – Madonna

Page 41 Poster - Elton John

Centre Spread - Paul Weller (Style Council)

Back Cover - Billy Idol






Pete Burns and Morrissey

The Cure

Five Star

Depeche Mode

Spandau Ballet

Lloyd Cole



Lyrics By:


Cameo - Single Life

Depeche Mode - It's Called a Heart

Level 42 - Something About You

Madonna - Gambler,

Cliff Richard - She's So Beautiful

Elton John - Nakita

Five Star - Love Take Over

Sade - Sweetest Taboo

Jenefer Rush - The Power Of Love

Danmed - Is It a Dream

Rene And Angela - I'll Be Good

Tears For Fears - I Believe

The Cult - Rain








8th October - 22nd October 1985

Volume 7 - Number 21

Cover Photo - Paul Cox

Price - 43p    Pages - 88



MTV Awards

Bow Wow Wow

Paul Haig

Dionne Warwick and Friends

Balaam and the Angel

Fever Tree

Camy Todorow

Kate Bush

Working Week

Linda De Franco

The Communards

Paul Hardcastle

Drum Theatre

Live Aid


Paul King

The Smiths

Jim Kerr (Simple Minds)

The Cool Notes


Eighth Wonder

Talking Heads



Personnel File:

Andy Kershaw


Reviews Section:



Single Reviews: by Vici MacDonald

Keanan – Watersport

Eighth Wonder – Stay With Me

Prince – Pop Life

Madness – Uncle Sam

Simple Minds – Alive and Kicking

The Communards – You Are My World

Arcadia – Election Day

OMD – La Femme Accident

Marc Almond – Love Letters

The long Ryders – Looking For Lewis and Clark

King – Taste Of Your Tears

Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm




Album Reviews:

Various – Sampled (ZTT)

Cabaret Voltaire – The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord

Anne Pigalle – Everything Could Be So Perfect

Level 42 – World Machine

Simply Red – Picture Book

Latin Quarter – Modern Times

Midge Ure – The Gift



Nights Out:

London Festival Of Black Music with


Dr Love


Third World

Chaka Khan and Boy George




Film Review

The Flaming Kid

Mad Max – Beyond Thunderdome



Video Review

Phil Collins – No Jacket Required EP

Malcolm McLaren – Duck Rock




George Michael

Brooke Sheilds

Kate St. John

Stephen AJ Duffy

Frankie Goes To Hollywood


Simon Le Bon

Boy George

Phil Collins

John Taylor and Andy Taylor

Tina Turner

Gene Simmons

Mick Jagger






Hazel Dean – they Say It’s Gonna Rain Single

Sade - The Sweetest Taboo Single

Sting – Fortress Around Your Heart Single

Tina Turner – One Of The Living Single

Blancmange – Believe You Me Album

Simple Minds – alive And Kicking Single

Feaargal Sharkey – A Good Heart Single

UB40 – Don’t Break My Heart Single

OMD – Le Femme Accident Single

Echo and the Bunnymen – Bring On The Dancing Horses Single

Clash – This Is England Single

Shakin’ Stevens – Lipstick Powder and Paint Single

Annabella – Don’t Dance With Strangers Single

Thompson Twins – King For A Day Single

Prince and the Revolution – Pop Life Single

Mai Tai – Mai Tai Album

King – the Taste Of Your Tears Single

Midge Ure – The Gift Album

Marc Almond – Love Letters Single

Madness – Mad Not Mad Single






Ian Cranna and Tom Hibbert – Pete Burns and Morrissey

Chris Heath – Robert Smith (The Cure)

Paul Rider – Robert Smith (The Cure)

William Shaw – 5 Star

Sorrell Downer – Lloyd Cole

Chris Heath – Depeche Mode



Photographer (Where Credited)

Andy Catlin – 5 Star

Monica Curtin – Lloyd Cole

Steve Repport – Depeche Mode

Paul Cox – The Cure

Davies and Star – Simon Le Bon

Syndication International – Kate Bush

Tom Holdart – The Communards

Paul Cox – Pete Burns and Morrissey

Ken Regan / LFI – Madonna

Andrew Catlin – 5 Star

Steve Rapport – Siouxsie

Paul Cox – Cool Notes




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Issue 179 - 9th October - 22nd October 1985


Happy Reading