Smash Hits Poll Winners - 1994

Smash Hits published the Fiftieth Annual Smash Hits Readers Poll Voting Form in the th September -  October 1994

issue of Smash HIts.


The Voting Form was to be used to ask the readers what their favourites were from for the year 1994.  


The Poll had  catogories such as Best Group, though to the Most Fanciable Human Being.


The results were then published in the 7th - 20th December 1994 issue of the magazine.


This was also the 6th year that the awards were braodcast live on BBC1.


Below is a list of the Winners and Runners Up from that year.


The Fiftieth Annual Poll Voting form was published in the 

th September - nd October 1994  issue of Smash Hits.


This was the seventh year that the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party took place.


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This time it was at London Arena - Docklands in London and was brought by BBCTV in association with KP.  The Director was Terry Jervis.


The party was on Sunday th November 1994 and was broadcast on BBC1 at 3.30 pm. Phillip Schofield presented the show.


It was also broadcast on Radio 1

Advert published in th - st October 19 Issue


The Catagories for 1994 were as follows


1 - Best Group Of The Year

2 - Worst Group Of The Year

3 - Best Male Singer Of The Year

4 - Worst Male Singer Of The Year

5 - Best Female Singer Of The Year

6 - Worst Female Singer Of The Year

7 - Best Dance Act Of The Year

8 - Worst Single Of The Year

9 - Best Rock Outfit Of The Year

10 - Worst LP Of The Year

11 - Best Single Of The Year

12 - Worst Pop Video Of The Year

13 - Best LP Of The Year

14 - Worst Dressed Person Of The Year

15 - Best Pop Video Of The Year

16 - Worst DJ Of The Year

17 - Best Dressed Person Of The Year

18 - Most Completely Useless Person Of The Year

19 - Best DJ Of The Year

20 - Worst Haircut Of The Year

21 - Most Fanciable Man Of The Year

22 - Worst Film Of The Year

23 - Most Fanciable Female Of The Year

24 - Worst TV Programme Of The Year

25 - Best Film Of The Year

26 - Most Very Horrible Thing Of The Year

27 - Best Music TV Programme Of The Year

28 - Worst TV Ad Of The Year

29 - Best Non Music Programme Of The Year

30 - Best TV Ad Of The Year

31 - Smash Hits and Radio 1 Award For Best New Act



The Results for the 1994 Smash Hits Readers Poll were published in the

7th - 20th December 1994 issue of the magazine.


Below are the winners for each Catagory


Please Note: I have taken out the Aderts where applicable but have kept the Posters.


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