Smash Hits - Editors

Throughout Smash Hits History there were a total of 16 Editors.  


Below are the various Editors listed in order and the dates they were active as Editor.


Some of the names will have links to their individual pages.




Nick Logan (Chris Hall)



Issue 00 - September 1978 (Prototype) (As Chris Hall)

Issue 04 - February 1979 (As Chris Hall)


Issue 05 - 8th Februay 1979 (As Nick Logan)

Issue 22 - 4th October 1979 (As Nick Logan)

(22 Issue + Prototype)


Issue 23 - 18th October 1979 (As Managing Editor)

Issue 38 - 15th May 1980 (As Managing Editor)

(16 Issues)

Smash Hits Editors - 1970s/1980s 



Ian Cranna



Issue 23 - 18th Octoer 1979

Issue 62 - 16th April 1981

(40 Issues)


David Hepworth



Issue 63 - 30th April 1981

Issue 112 - 17th March 1983

(50 Issues)


Mark Ellen



Issue 113 - 31st March 1983

Issue 169 - 22nd May 1985

(58 Issues)

Steve Bush



Issue 170 - 5th June 1985

Issue 206 - 22nd October 1986

(37 Issues)


Barry McIllheney



Issue 207 - 5th November 1986

Issue 264 - 11th January 1989

(58 Issues)

Jacqui Doyle

(Acting Editor)



Issue 265 - 25th January 1989

Issue 272 - 3rd May 1989

(8 Issues)

Richard Lowe



Issue  273 - 17th May 1989

Issue 312 - 14th November 1990

(40 Issues)


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Smash Hits Editors - 1990s/2000s 

Mark Soutar



Issue 313 - 28th November 1990 (Acting Editor)

317 - 23rd January - 5th February 1991 (Acting Editor)


318 - 6th February - 19th February 1991 (Full Editor)

Issue 401 - 13th April 1994

(89 Issues)


Mark Frith



Issue 402 - 27th April - 10th May 1994

Issue - 443 - 22nd November - 5th December 1995

(42 Issues)

The Staff


Between Mark Frith leaving in issue 443 and Kate Thornton taking over as editor in issue 450 there was No proper Editor of the magazine. 


Normally there would be an Acting Editor taking over but on this occassion it was billed as The Staff with Gavin Reeve being first in the list as Art Editor.



Issue  444 - 6th December 1995

Issue 449 - 14th February 1996

(6 Issues)

Kate Thornton



Issue  450 - 28th February 1996

Issue 473 - 15th January - 28th January 1997

(24 Issues)


Gavin Reeve



Issue 474 - 29th January - 11th February 1997 (Acting Editor)

475 - 12th February - 25th February 1997 (Acting Editor)


Issue 476 - 476 - 26th February - 11th March 1997 (Editor)

Issue 518 - 7th October 1998

(45 Issues)

Alex Needham

(Acting Editor)



Issue 519 - 21st October 1998

Issue 525 - 13th Januaary 1999

(7 Issues)

John McKie



Issue 526 - 27th January 1999

Issue - 579 - 7th February 2001

(52 Issues)


John Hindmarch

(Acting Editor)



Issue - 580 - 21st February 2001

Issue 585 - 2nd May 2001

(6 Issues)


Emma Jones



Issue 586 - 16th May 2001



Lisa Smosarski






Lisa Palamoudian






Guest Editors

The Spice Girls


Issue 464 - 11th September - 24th September 1996


Bob Monkhouse


Issue 560 - 17th May - 31st May 2000


The publication's Art Editor in the early 1990s was Phil Hawksworth, who guided the transition between traditional artwork to electronic artwork on the Mac, introducing many of the design/content features used until publication ceased in 2006.



Perhaps the most high-profile editor was X-Factor presenter Kate Thornton who took the helm in 1996 aged just 21


Other long-serving staff


Linda Duff (1980-1985)

A key figure in Smash Hits’s early years, Duff’s column Get Smart! answering readers’ questions became an essential feature of the magazine and led to creation of a permanent role known as ‘reader services’. Her career began in Ireland working for a magazine’s sales and advertising department, graduating to writing. Moving to London, she became an editorial assistant for Smash Hits and stayed for over five years, leaving for national newspapers Daily Mirror (1985-1989) and Daily Star (1989-1998). At the Star she ran the pop and showbiz desks; her approach for the Splash! (later, Rave) column was to focus on emerging artists rather than the traditional chasing of established stars. This paid off when she gave early press to Take That in 1990, who went on to be the most successful pop act of the decade. She ended her time at the Star as Features Editor and then worked for a television production company for a time before returning to Ireland. She died in September 2013.


Dave Rimmer (1981-1986)


Long-serving features writer for EMAP titles Smash Hits and The Face, he went on to write for various titles in the UK, US and Germany. He was resident in Berlin at the end of 1980s and witnessed the fall of the Wall. Two of his most notable works are the books Like Punk Never Happened: Culture Club and The New Pop (1986) and New Romantics: The Look (2003) which concern the music industry at the time of his employment at Smash Hits.


Dave Bostock (1981-1986)


Designer; had a 35 year career with EMAP (later Bauer Media) in various roles such as publishing director for music and youth titles.


Vici Macdonald (1984-1988)


Art director, editor and writer. Macdonald encountered Smash Hits when she was an art student: after hearing then editor Ian Cranna on the radio, she sought out a copy of the magazine, found she was impressed with the content, and applied to join the staff after finishing her studies. She left to pursue freelance journalism and has reunited with her former boss Steve Bush for a couple of book titles in more recent years. Formerly (2012) features her photographs of disappearing London alongside poetry from Tamar Yoseloff.


David Keeps (1984-1988)


Editor of the US version of Smash Hits, Star Hits, which was launched in February 1984.

Content between the two titles was shared.


William Shaw (1985-1989)


Born in the UK, grew up in Nigeria, lived in Hackney in the 80s and LA in the 90s and now resides in Brighton. Was an editorial assistant for Zigzag and Blitz in the early 80s; at the latter, he interviewed Neil Tennant in the early days of Pet Shop Boys, who introduced him to Smash Hits. His colleague there Tom Hibbert was best man at his wedding in 1994. At the behest of another colleague, David A Keeps, Shaw wrote for Details during his time in America. He has written for numerous publications including regular pieces for New York Times and The Observer and is the author of several non-fiction and fiction books, the latter being his Breen and Tozer crime series.


Australian Editors

James Manning


Active (1984 - )




Marc Andrews


Active (1990 - 1992)