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Missing issue from 2002 onwards.
 If anyone has them and are willing to scan and share then please get in touch. Thank you.

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Smash Hits Remembered

From Issue 550 released on the 12th January 2000 till Issue 575 released on the 27th December 2000

From Issue 576 released on the 10th January 2001 till Issue 601 released on the 28th December 2001

From Issue 628 released on the 8th January 2003 till Issue 653 released on the 24th December 2003

From Issue 654 released on the 7th January 2004 till Issue 679 released on the 22nd December 2004

From Issue 680 released on the 5th January 2005 till Issue 705 released on the 21st December 2005

From Issue 706 released on the 4th January 2006 till the Final Issue 709 released on the 15th February 2006

3 Specials were released after the magazine had finished.  These were 


Michael Jackson - July 2009

Take That - November 2009

Lady Ga Ga - December 2010

Here you will find anything that has not fitted into any of the other sections from the year 2000 onwards.