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Well here is me and my little slice of the universe that is the Internet.

I decided to create this site in dedication to the magazine Smash Hits that featured so much as I was growing up in the late 70's and early 80's.  For me it was one of the few places, along with Number One Magazine, to get the information that I wanted on the bands and music that I loved at the time.

As I have expanded my copies of the magazine and scanned them to the computer I thought that it was about time that they became available to read on the internet.  Hopefully this will make the site a great source of fun and nostalgia for all the kids of the 80's (and beyond) that have grown up and want to escape a little.

Remember you can help the site grow by showing your support via the PayPal section.  This way I can keep the site going and add to the ever growing amount of issues that I get to add to the site.  You never know I may even look at expanding to other magazines in the future.  It depends how this site develops.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I am enjoying making it. Let me know via the Contact form.
If any one has any issues (from 2002 - 2006) that they have scanned fully and are willing to have them put onto the site then let me know.   

Any Suggestions again also let me know via the Contact Form Below.



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Disclaimer: This is a Fan Website dedicated to the Magazine Smash Hits.  I do not own the rights to the Magazine, Lyrics and Pictures within as they are owned by the Bauer Media Group.  They are used in accordance with the Fair Use Act for the purpose of Research and Information.

If you are the owner of any material used and would like us to remove it then please contact us via the form above.